October 28-31, 2019

Seoul, Republic of Korea

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Victor Adrov Victor Adrov

Report: Photogrammetric technologies PHOTOMOD — effective solutions for spatial data acquisition (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Racurs
Position:  Managing Director
Country:  Russia

Wookhyun Choi Wookhyun Choi

Report: SI Imaging Services and KOMPSAT series (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  SI Imaging Services
Position:  Vice president
Country:  Republic of Korea

Hyo-Suk Lim Hyo-Suk Lim

Company:  Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Position:  Executive Director of Satellite Operation & Application Center
Country:  Korea

Valeriy Zaichko Valeriy Zaichko

Report: Today and tomorrow of Russian Earth Remote Sensing system (pdf.gif Download)

Position:  Deputy Director of Department
Country:  Russia

Fabrice Rodriguez Fabrice Rodriguez

Report: OneAtlas Platform, Connect Images from Space to Decisions on Earth (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Airbus Defence and Space
Position:  Head of Reseller Growth
Country:  France

Andrey Sechin Andrey Sechin

Report: Affordable photogrammetry — stereo measurement with smartphone (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Racurs
Position:  Scientific Director
Country:  Russia

Konstantin Litvintcev Konstantin Litvintcev

Report: Stereophotogrammetric models for city cadastre: experience of using (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  The Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr)
Position:  Adviser of the Head
Country:  Russia

Joo Hyun-Hee Joo Hyun-Hee

Report: NSDI of the Korea and NGII. (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  National Geographic Information Institute
Position:  Team leader of International Cooperation & Standardization team
Country:  Republic of Korea

Anna Aliabeva Anna Aliabeva

Report: Universal stereophotogrammetric model for urban management (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Ural-Siberian Geo-Information Company
Position:  Director of Engineering Center
Country:  Russia

Ilia Yudin Ilia Yudin

Report: MAXAR Earth Observation Technology - new horizons of Geospatial Industry (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Maxat Technologies
Position:  Sales Manager EMEAR
Country:  Russia

Kravtsova Elena Vladimirovna Kravtsova Elena Vladimirovna

Report: Digital Geospatial Data of JSC Roscartography (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Roscartography
Position:  Lead Engineer Photogrammetrist
Country:  Russia

Sergey Potapov Sergey Potapov
Report: Geospatial Data for Industry 4.0 (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Research Institute for Precision Instruments
Position:  Deputy head of the research prooduction complex
Country:  Russia

Alexander Chekurin Alexander Chekurin
Report: PHOTOMOD Radar  a powerful tool for processing of SAR images (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Racurs
Position:  Sales & Marketing Director
Country:  Russia

Olga Gershenzon Olga Gershenzon

Report: Images from Space - directly to school computer (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  LoRReT
Position:  Founder
Country:  Russia

Joonho Cha Joonho Cha

Report: UAS data processing for 1/1,000 topographic map (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Gros Co
Position:  PHOTOMOD Specialist
Country:  Korea

Yuri Raizman Yuri Raizman

Report: New Generation of PhaseOne Aerial Cameras and Systems (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  PhaseOne Industrial
Position:  Chief Scientist
Country:  Israel

Dmitry Kochergin Dmitry Kochergin
Report: PHOTOMOD 6.5. Productivity and new functions (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Racurs
Position:  Head of Technical Support Department
Country:  Russia

Alexander Kirichenko Alexander Kirichenko

Reports: 1) Innovations in cartography: automatic interpretation, generalization, multiscale map (pdf.gif Download)

2) Software solutions of KB Panorama for Smart City development (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  KB Panorama
Position:  Project Manager
Country:  Russia

Xu Mingce Xu Mingce

Report: PHOTOMOD 2D/3D processing and application in China (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  SmartSpatio Sci-Tech Inc.
Position:  General Manager
Country:  China

Pavel Anashkin Pavel Anashkin

Report: From PhaseOne imagery to True Ortho and 3D (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Uralgeoinform
Position:  Managing Director
Country:  Russia

Aleksandr Chibunichev Aleksandr Chibunichev

Report: Calibration of Long Focal Length Cameras (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography
Position:  Head of the Photogrammetry Department
Country:  Russia

Irina Anikeeva Irina Anikeeva

Report: Signal-to-noise ratio estimation of aerial and satellite images (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Roscartography
Position:  Senior Scientist
Country:  Russia

Stanislav Kaniukov Stanislav Kaniukov

Report: Experience of interferometric monitoring in the Arctic zone (pdf.gif Download)

Position:  Head of RSD solutions division
Country:  Russia

Nikolay Vedenkin Nikolay Vedenkin

Report: Aero-engineering school. International education programme for air quality investigation (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Fund for the revival of professional engineering education and training of personnel reserve among children and youth Cassiopeia
Position:  President
Country:  Russia

Maxim Altyntsev Maxim Altyntsev

Report: Forest space image decoding using the structural-statistical approach (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies
Position:  Associate Professor
Country:  Russia

Yuri Raizman Yuri Raizman

Report: GeoCloud cloud-based SaaS platform – first year of operation (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  GeoCloud
Position:  President & CEO
Country:  Israel

Jasmin  Babiс Jasmin Babiс

Report: Geo-centar's Experiences and Improvement Suggestions in Working With PHOTOMOD (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Geo-centar Asia Co.
Position:  Co-Managing Director
Country:  Kingdom of Thailand

Victor Lavrov Victor Lavrov

Report: Geoinformation Solutions of Geoproject company (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Geoproject
Position:  Deputy Director
Country:  Russia

Mikhail Petukhov Mikhail Petukhov

Report: Improved productivity of 3D city mapping with a new hybrid sensor Leica CityMapper-2 (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Hexagon Russia
Position:  Head of Geospatial department
Country:  Russia

Matvey Kopylov Matvey Kopylov

Report: Space Club. (pdf.gif Download)

Company:  Apple Tree
Position:  Student
Country:  Apple Tree

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