October 28-31, 2019

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Key areas and topics of the conference

Earth Remote Sensing Satellites Systems

This year the conference is held with the participation of the space industry leaders of Russia and Korea. That is why high attention will be paid to satellite survey issues. The following questions will be discussed in the “Earth Remote Sensing Satellites Systems” section:

· Russian, South Korean and other remote sensing satellite constellations,

· distributed systems for satellite data acquisition, storage and delivery,

· automated high-performance system for data processing,

· analytic services on the basis of remote sensing data.

Geospatial Technologies for the Smart City

Seoul –the capital of the Republic of Korea is rightfully included in the TOP-10 global rating of Smart City from year to year. According to the Cities in Motion Index Seoul has achieved the greatest success in information technologies and transport systems, including through the competent use of geospatial information.

In the “Geospatial technologies for the Smart City” section will be presented:

· technologies for the on-line reception and updating of spatial data for the urban area,

· methods of 3D modeling of urban development, possibility of joint using of BIM and GIS,

·  technologies of virtual, augmented and digital reality.

Multi-Agent Methods and Technologies of Spatial Data Acquisition

Technological schemes: “satellite-aero-UAS” and “radar-optics-laser” are widely used when solving various production issues. The following questions will be discussed in the “Multi-agent methods and technologies of spatial data acquisition” section:

· economical efficiency of UAS,

· combination and optimization of technologies in satellite and aerial survey,

· productivity and automation of photogrammetric data processing,

· processing of  multi-sensor and big data.

Satellite Imagery and Geodata for Education

Every year the request for specialist in the geospatial technologies and remote sensing is increased. This year the section “Satellite Imagery and Geodata for Education” will be devoted to the issues of secondary and higher education. The following topics will be presented:

· remote sensing technologies in school education,

· facultative and project education on the basis of GIS and remote sensing technologies,

· tasks and challenges for the system of professional education.

International Cooperation and Export Technologies

Agreements of bilateral cooperation in geodesy and cartography field, as well as in space activities are in force between Russia and the Republic of Korea. Russian and South Korean business by the example of Racurs and SI Imaging companies have long and successful cooperation on the international geospatial market.

The special section “International cooperation and export technologies” will work in the frame of the conference. It will be supported by Moscow Export Center, “Platform NTI” and Korean professional scientific and technical, and business communities. We invite companies, offering technologies for territorial development, urban, construction and real estate management, GIS and services.

Participants of this section will be offered to make 10 minutes speech about company’s activity and products. 

We invite authors to submit an abstract for oral presentation or submit a paper to be included in the conference proceedings.

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