October 28-31, 2019

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Scientific Committee

Conference is supported by the leading scientific organizations:

International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS)

The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing is a non-governmental organization devoted to the development of international cooperation for the advancement of photogrammetry and remote sensing and their applications. The Society operates without any discrimination on grounds of race, religion, nationality, or political philosophy.


State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS

ROSCOSMOS is a State Corporation that was established in August 2015 to oversee and implement a comprehensive reform of the Russian space industry.
State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS ensures the implementation of the Russian government’s space program and its legal regulation. ROSCOSMOS is also placing orders for the development, manufacture and supply of space equipment and space infrastructure objects.
The state corporation is also responsible for international space cooperation and tasked with setting the stage for the future use of results of space activities in the social and economic development of Russia.
    The Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr)

Rosreestr was founded in 2009 through the merger of three agencies: the Federal Registration Service, the Federal Agency for Real Estate Cadastre and the Federal Agency for Cartography. Upon its establishment, Rosreestr became responsible for the performance of three functions: the registration of property rights, cadastre maintenance, as well as geodesy and cartography activities.

Russian GIS-Association

Russian GIS-Association is an interregional community created to promote the market of geospatial technologies and services. Since 1995 it is active in Russia, the CIS countries and Baltic States. The main goal of the Association is to promote market relations in the geoinformatics sphere, which includes digital mapping, topography, navigation and RS data usage in regional and corporate GIS projects. In order to attain its goals, the Association attempts to enhance land-owner rights legislation, it defends its members legal rights and ensures informational support for geoinformational technologies users and providers.


The Russian Society of Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management — unites professionals to develop Russian science and industry in the field of geodesy, cartography and land management.
  GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association

The mission of GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association is to implement a comprehensive plan package for boosting development of GLONASS. The Association unites more than 50 key Russian companies and organizations engaged in GLONASS development, manufacturers of satellite equipment (applications) and satellite navigation technology users. GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association coordinates the activities of various categories of company and organization engaged in development, production and commercial use of GLONASS-based equipment and applications, analyses and selects GLONASS development priorities in Russia, participates in government policy-making in the field of GLONASS commercial use and cooperates with Russian and foreign partners to enhance the investment appeal, material and technical resources and scientific expertise of the Russian companies.

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