October 16-19, 2017

Hadera, Israel

Conference news

  • 17.11.2017

    17th International Scientific and Technical Conference “FROM IMAGERY TO DIGITAL REALITY: ERS & Photogrammetry”. Conference Review

  • 08.11.2017

    We are pleased to share videos from the conference sessions!

About the conference

The geographical map is one of the major advancements that man has developed over thousands of years. We have come a long way from Ptolemy’s maps to have our modern-day, precise, digital maps. Over time, scientists have created and developed many ways of obtaining of spatial information.

More than 150 years have passed since the day French inventor Gaspard-Félix Tournachon took a photograph of Paris from an air balloon. This photograph started the phenomenon of remote sensing, which rapidly developed in the twentieth century and has continued to evolve in the twenty-first century.

The appearance of the Earth’s satellite imagery, new technologies of aerial survey, laser scanning, and the use of digital methods of data collecting and processing in real time have significantly changed our attitude to spatial information.

These advancements, in turn, have led us to understand the necessity of development and to bring our annual conference, “From imagery to map: digital photogrammetric technologies,” to a new level.

From imagery to digital reality

This year, the name of our annual conference was changed to “FROM IMAGERY TO DIGITAL REALITY: ERS & Photogrammetry” in order to reflect current trends in visualization and use of spatial information.

Digital reality is measured spatial information that is used in almost all directions of society's technological developments, be it land management, navigation, autonomous transport systems, smart cities, robotic technologies, and much more. Digital reality provides cartographic basis for the Internet of Things, and it allows building space-time models for sustainable development of society.

This new conference name significantly widens the theme of the conference. We are sure that it will contribute to the growth of interest in Earth remote sensing and photogrammetry technologies, attracting new participants to the conference. We are hopeful that this year's conference will allow us to be more interesting and fruitful. 

Sincerely yours,
the Organizing Committee of
the International Scientific and Technical Conference
“From imagery to digital reality: ERS & Photogrammetry”

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