October 16-19, 2017

Hadera, Israel

List of the conference participants


SmartSpatio (China)
Private geosolutions company.

Yannis Yanniris (Greece)
Private geosolutions company.

Geotopo (Greece)
Private geosolutions company.

 Phase One Industrial (Israel)
Phase One Industrial is a world-leading provider of medium format cameras and imaging solutions for aerial and industrial applications.

Survey of Israel (Israel)
Survey of Israel is the goverment agency for Mapping, Geodesy, Cadastre and Geoinformatics. The Survey is responsible for the national infrastructure in these areas as well as for a number of official functions. In many countries the responsibility for these various areas is shared by several agencies.  

Taldor (Israel)
Private geosolutions company.

Dept. of Geography, University of Haifa (Israel)
The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Haifa fosters the connection between research and teaching in the areas of human, cultural and physical geography. The Department offers a range of academic programs including undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees, in diverse specialty areas.

GeoCloud (Israel)
Private geosolutions company.

Airobotics (Israel)
Airobotics has developed an unmanned drone solution, the first of its kind in the global market.

Ofek Aerial Photography (Israel)
Ofek Aerial Photography is the largest company in Israel, and one of the leading companies in Europe, in the field of aerial and satellite mapping and geographical applications.

VisionMap (Israel)
The company manufacturers state-of-the-art airborne imaging systems for defense, homeland security (HLS) and commercial mapping applications.

The Israel Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (Israel)
The Israeli Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing is a non-governmental organization devoted to the development of cooperation for the advancement of photogrammetry and remote sensing and their applications.

Simplex Mapping Solutions Ltd (Israel)
Private geosolutions company.

Video Inform (Israel)
Video-inform is a bootstrap company that develops image analysis technology which enables organizations to analyze information from widely used visual areas.

The company provides services for governments, municipalities, businesses and the public,
including GIS, maps and orthophotos, data collection, and many others.

Systematics Technologies (Israel)
Systematics promotes organizational effectiveness and efficiency by marketing innovative computing technologies and implementing them in advanced work processes.

 SI Imaging Services (Korea)
SIIS is the exclusive worldwide marketing and sales representative of KOMPSAT series.

 DigitalGlobe (USA)
DigitalGlobe is a leading global provider of commercial high-resolution Earth imagery products and services.

  State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS (Moscow, Russia)
ROSCOSMOS is a State Corporation that was established in August 2015 to oversee and implement a comprehensive reform of the Russian space industry.

Racurs (Moscow, Russia)
Racurs company has 23 years long history of success on Russian and worldwide photogrammetry market. Conference organizer.

Research Institute of Precision Instruments (Moscow, Russia)
The enterprise’s business activity is focused on designing and manufacturing electronic products, as well as full-scale testing, when the influence of external factors upon the developed equipment is tested.

JSC RSS, Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring (Moscow, Russia)
NTs OMZ carries out acquisition, recording, processing, archiving, cataloging, and dissemination of space data from domestic and foreign remote sensing spacecraft.

JSC Space Rocket Centre “Progress (Samara, Russia)
Since the end of the 60s XX century TsSKB-Progress has been a huge domestic developer of exclusive satellites for scientific and applied use.

VNIIEM Corporation (Moscow, Russia)
State-owned corporation specializes on space monitoring systems, information & control and electromechanical complexes.

Glavkosmos (Moscow, Russia)
The company is a subsidiary of ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation. The key objectives of the company are the promotion of Russian space industry achievements in the world market and management of challenging space projects.

JSC Roscartography (Moscow, Russia)
The leading government company in the field of mapping and remote sensing data processing.

Moscow state university of geodesy and cartography (Moscow, Russia)
The  university is one the oldest institutions of higher education in the field of geodesy and cartography. In spite of its age the university is in the permanent process of development and adaptation to the demands of modern society.

Innopolis University (Kazan, Russia)
Innopolis University is meant to be a brain force, an integral element of a new Innopolis city – the future IT capital of Russia.

Sovzond (Moscow, Russia)
Private geosolutions company.

SCANEX (Moscow, Russia)
The leader in the field of satellite-based monitoring of the Earth, the only company in Russia and the CIS Countries, engaged in direct reception of data from remote sensing satellites on its own network of stations

Uralgeoinform (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
State-owned digital cartographic data provider and developer of geoinformation systems.

Uralmarksheideriya (Chelyabinsk, Russia)
State-owned digital cartographic data provider and developer of geoinformation systems.

CET (Moscow, Russia)
Private geosolutions company.

Geoinformation (Kemerovo, Russia)
Private geosolutions company.

KADASTRSYOMKA (Irkutsk, Russia)
Private geosolutions company.

Lesproekt (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Private forest-geosolutions company.

Innovative centre LLC  (Moscow, Russia)
Private geosolutions company.

PRIME GROUP (Moscow, Russia)
Private geosolutions company.

Innoter (Moscow, Russia)
Private geosolutions company.

GK Maksim (Moscow, Russia)
Private information security company.

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