October 16-19, 2017

Hadera, Israel

Conference topics

Earth Remote Sensing (ERS) — from imagery to analytics

Analytics of ERS data is one of the most demanded services in geoindustry. Huge amounts of data—accumulated by space survey operators by now—are becoming ever more accessible for end consumers.
There is active development of “from raw imagery to spatial information” services. This section is called upon to answer questions about how services based on technologies of receiving and processing ERS data will be developed, how the approach of space imagery operators will change, how convenient the forms of work with space information will be, and how much it will be in demand by the market.

Methods and technologies of spatial data acquisition — from rivalry to synergy

The last years were marked by the use of multi-agent systems as technological platforms of spatial data acquisition. Technological schemes—“space-airborne-UAV” and “scanner-optics-lidar”—have become widely used in the solution of various production tasks when it is necessary to receive information in strictly scheduled terms. Combining and optimizing spatial data acquisition technologies is the main issue of the section.

Photogrammetry — from algorithms to products

Photogrammetry in the world technological trend is the key issue of the section, where development and future of the scientific and technical discipline—known for more than one hundred years—will be discussed. Methods of photogrammetry have provided the world with the products without which it would be impossible to imagine our daily lives: first of all, precise maps. What methods, products, and services will photogrammetry offer tomorrow? Which technologies will be determinant for our industry in the coming years: artificial intellect, machine learning, or cloud technologies?

Innovations in cartography

Difficult tasks face cartography: to meet all the needs in classical products and not be late for innovative challenges. Despite active development of virtual and additional reality technologies, projection of “smart” cities, BIM, and tasks of topographic support of territorial development still face cartography. The main issue of the section is the combination of innovative requests of society and solutions for everyday tasks.

International cooperation in ERS, photogrammetry, and geomatics area

It is well known that a wide exchange of information between specialists is very important for successful development of technologies. This section aims to form production cooperatives on the basis of the best practices and technological solutions. Standards, ways, and requirements that will allow specialists from different countries to communicate in one language will be discussed.

We invite authors to submit an abstract for oral presentation or submit a paper to be included in the conference proceedings.

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