October 16-19, 2017

Hadera, Israel

Speakers list


Victor Adrov Victor Adrov

Report: Photogrammetric technologies for 3D geospatial basement of Digital Reality

Country:  Russia
Organization:  Racurs
Position:  Managing Director

Ammatzia Peled Ammatzia Peled

Report: to be announced

Country:  Israel
Organization:  University of Haifa
Position:  President of ILSPRS, Professor

Valery Zaichko Valery Zaichko

Report: State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS: innovation projects of Russian Remote Sensing System development (Space-Earth-Services)

Country:  Russia
Organization:  SSC ROSCOSMOS
Position:  Deputy Director of Department

Dov Kalinski Dov Kalinski

Report: Introduction to PhaseOne Aerial cameras

Country:  Israel
Organization:  Phase One Industrial
Position:  CEO

Sergey Serebryakov Sergey Serebryakov

Report: Innovation development of the JSC Roscartography in providing geospatial data for state functions

Country:  Russia
Organization:  Roscartography
Position:  Deputy Managing Director for Innovative Development

Armin Gruen Armin Gruen

Report: Mapping and modeling of coral reefs

Country:  Switzerland
Organization:  ETH Zuerich
Position:  Em. Professor

Yaron Felus Yaron Felus

Report: Innovation in mapping and photogrammetry at the Survey of Israel

Country:  Israel
Organization:  Survey of Israel
Position:  Chief Scientist

Andrey Sechin Andrey Sechin

Report: Photogrammetric ERS data processing in the Cloud

Country:  Russia
Organization:  Racurs
Position:  Scientific Director

Yuri Raizman Yuri Raizman

Report: PhaseOne mapping cameras — calibration procedures

Country:  Israel
Organization:  Phase One Industrial
Position:  Chief Scientist

Dmitry Kochergin Dmitry Kochergin

Report: New advantages of PHOTOMOD 6.3

Country:  Russia
Organization:  Racurs
Position:  Head of Technical Support Department

Aleksandr Chekurin Aleksandr Chekurin

Report: Development trends of the photogrammetric technologies

Country:  Russia
Organization:  Racurs
Position:  Sales & Marketing Director

Mikhail Bolsunovsky Mikhail Bolsunovsky

Report: GEOIndustry 4.0

Country:  Russia
Organization:  Sovzond
Position:  First deputy director general

Yuri Raizman Yuri Raizman

Report: GeoCloud — your cloud based Geospatial environment

Country:  Israel
Organization:  GeoCloud
Position:  CEO

Wookhyun Choi Wookhyun Choi

Report: Success Story of Korea Multi-purpose Satellites

Country:  Korea
Organization:  SI Imaging Services
Position:  Vice President

Yannis Yanniris Yannis Yanniris

Report: 1mm archeological survey with PHOTOMOD

Country:  Greece
Organization:  YannisYanniris
Position:  CEO

Vladimir Arkhipov Vladimir Arkhipov

Report: The forest trend of the DPW PHOTOMOD development

Country:  Russia
Organization:  Lesproekt
Position:  Director of Development

Avi Aflalo Avi Aflalo

Report: New approach for acquiring and distributing 3D models for multiple users

Country:  Israel
Organization:  Simplex Mapping Solutions Ltd
Position:  CEO

Alexey Peshkun Alexey Peshkun

Report: An experience of photogrammetric processing of Kanopus-V satellite data

Country:  Russia
Organization:  JSC Russian space systems. Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring
Position:  Deputy Head of Department

Maksim Kliushnikov Maksim Kliushnikov

Report: Remote sensing system Resurs-P

Country:  Russia
Organization:  Space Rocket Centre Progress
Position:  First Deputy Director of Affiliated Branch - Deputy Chief Designer

Alberto Lopez Alberto Lopez

Report: DigitalGlobe GBDX. The new paradigm of geospatial industry.

Country:  USA
Organization:  DigitalGlobe
Position:  Director, Business Development EMEAR

Oleg Gomozov Oleg Gomozov

Report: The role of global satellite data in the Digital Economy

Country:  Russia
Organization:  Research Institute of Precision Instruments
Position:  Head of tne Scientific-Production Complex

Aleksandr Voitenko Aleksandr Voitenko

Report: Monitoring of petroleum pipelines using aerial laser scanning and digital aerial photography

Country:  Russia
Organization:  Kadastrsyomka
Position:  Head of Department

Vyacheslav Lobzenev Vyacheslav Lobzenev

Report: Principle Z in the use of geodata

Country:  Russia
Organization:  Innovative centre
Position:  CEO

Ekaterina Lomonosova Ekaterina Lomonosova

Report: Spase system Kanopus-V-IK

Country:  Russia
Organization:  VNIIEM Corporation
Position:  Main specialist

Vladimir Gershenzon Vladimir Gershenzon

Report: to be announced

Country:  Russia
Organization:  Innopolis University
Position:  Deputy Head of GIS Center

Stanislav Kaniukov Stanislav Kaniukov

Report: Earth Remote Sensing Data for extraction coastal information and bathymetry

Country:  Russia
Organization:  PRIME GROUP
Position:  Head of RSD solutions division

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