Victor Adrov, Managing director, Racurs

Racurs company has a long history of business and friendly relations with JSC “Roscartography”.

Working for many years on the creation of digital photogrammetric systems, our company could not but cooperate with the leading enterprises of our country involved in the processing of remote sensing data.

Aerogeodetic, surveying and other enterprises included in the structure of Roscartography have been and remain users of Racurs’ technologies.  The managers and specialists of these enterprises have always been active participants of Racurs scientific and technical conferences we have been holding since 2001. In turn, Racurs specialists were glad to demonstrate new technological solutions at Roscartography conferences.

The idea of developing partner relations with Roscartography - the leading cartographic enterprise of Russia - not only in creation and use of geoinformation technologies, but also in holding a joint scientific and technical conference, arose in 2021. Both companies widely use remote sensing data in their work and actively cooperate with State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS, therefore, gladly accepted the offer of the State Corporation to join the conference organizers. The joint conference was called: “DIGITAL REALITY: Space & Geospatial Data, Processing Technologies” and for the first time was carried out in September, 2021 in Irkutsk. 

The conference was well accepted by the professional community, aroused great interest among both specialized private companies and government structures. As its development the 2nd joint international scientific and technical conference “DIGITAL REALITY: Space & Geospatial Data, Processing Technologies” was held in September, 2022 in Saint Petersburg.

The conference “DIGITAL REALITY: Space & Geospatial Data, Processing Technologies” became a communication platform for discussing the development of remote sensing, cartography and related sciences, exchange of experience, formation of cooperation, improvement of the industry regulatory framework.

I am glad to announce that the organizers have decided to continue the well-established tradition and hold the 3rd conference “DIGITAL REALITY: Space & Geospatial Data, Processing Technologies” on October 16-18, 2023 in Sochi. We invite geoinformatics professionals to take part in our conference.

Sergey Karutin, Managing director, JSC “Roscartography”

Today, the industries of cartography and remote sensing are facing large-scale tasks of digital transformation of the economy and solving problems in the interests of the state. Therefore, the development of technologies and the exchange of knowledge and experience between state and private companies, professional communities, specialists, science and education are the key factors in these goals achievement. Besides, the transformations that are taking place in the industry set new challenges and goals for our community and we develop all necessary tools to solve these tasks in the frame of our joint conference. 

Valeriy Zaichko, Division Head, SSC ROSCOSMOS

ROSCOSMOS has been fruitfully cooperating with JSC “Roscartography” and Racurs for many years. Holding a joint conference against the backdrop of ongoing changes and the increasing importance of geospatial information, which is supplied also by the state corporation, became the reason why the decision to join Roscartography and Racurs was taken. We are confident that the conference will become a base not only for the geodesy and cartography industry, but also for other sectors of the Russian economy that actively use geospatial data.

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