Key areas and topics of the conference

Earth Remote Sensing Satellites Systems

· Russian, and other remote sensing satellite constellations,

· distributed systems for satellite data acquisition, storage and delivery,

· automated high-performance system for data processing,

· analytic services on the basis of remote sensing data.

Geospatial Technologies

· technologies for the on-line reception and updating of spatial data,

· methods of 3D modeling,

·  technologies of virtual, augmented and digital reality.

Multi-Agent Methods and Technologies of Spatial Data Acquisition

· economical efficiency of UAS,

· combination and optimization of technologies in satellite and aerial survey,

· productivity and automation of photogrammetric data processing,

· processing of  multi-sensor and big data.

Satellite Imagery and Geodata for Education

· remote sensing technologies in education,

· facultative and project education on the basis of GIS and remote sensing technologies,

· tasks and challenges for the system of professional education.

We invite authors to submit an abstract for oral presentation or submit a paper to be included in the conference proceedings.

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