Victor Adrov, CEO of JSC Racurs:
JSC Racurs has a long history of business and friendly relationship with Roscartography, Roscosmos, and Kadastrsurvey. After many years of being involved in creation of digital photogrammetric systems it couldn’t help but start cooperating with the leading companies of the country working in the area of the ERS data processing. Geospatial, surveying, and other companies have been using and are still using Racurs technologies. Management and key personnel of these companies have always been actively participating in scientific and technical conferences organized by Racurs and Roscartography. 

The pandemic changed the plans and in 2020 we didn’t hold the traditional Racurs conference. However, in 2021 we decided to develop further partnership with the leading geospatial company of Russia — Roscartography, Roscosmos, and Kadastrsurvey — not only in the area of creating and incorporating GIS technology, but also to organize a joint scientific and technical conference called “DIGITAL REALITY: Space & Geospatial Data, Processing Technologies”. In my opinion, the new joint event will reinforce the knowledge and experience exchange, demonstrate tendencies of geoinformatics and provide an opportunity to discuss its future. 

The pandemic worsened our communication, but it didn’t stop technological development. We haven’t seen each other for a while, we’ve got something to tell and speculate on. We are inviting professionals in geoinformatics to Irkutsk from the 6th to the 9th of September to the conference DIGITAL REALITY: Space & Geospatial Data, Processing Technologies”.

Sergey Karutin, CEO of JSC Roscartography:
I’m very happy to announce that Roscartography and Racurs decided to unite their two conferences, the 20th Anniversary Scientific and Technical Conference “From Imagery to Digital Reality: ERS & Photogrammetry” (JSC Racurs) and the 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference “Geodesy, Cartography and Digital Reality” (Roscartography). We decided to hold them on the same days - from the 6th to the 9th of September 2021 in Irkutsk. The joint conference will be called “DIGITAL REALITY: Space & Geospatial Data, Processing Technologies”. 

It’s a significant step for both of our companies - to combine the knowledge and effort for the development of the post pandemic Russian economy, to offer to the Government and businesses a platform to make decisions for the country’s technological breakthrough. The development of the geodesy and cartography, as well as Russian IT-technologies in the area of geodesy and cartography, becomes an important, or even a key element of the competition at the global market. The leadership of the JSC Racurs, partner of Roscartography, in this area is indisputable. 

Russia is able to offer to everyone, including the world community, its experience, knowledge and technologies, that can be used not only in economy but also in everyday life of every human on the planet. The future described by the XX century fiction writers is coming - automated cars and flying drones, AR experience and automated systems for the agriculture, forest and other industries. Russia has an enormous potential to take a leading position in the global market of specialized geographic information systems. We are inviting you to participate in our joint conference “DIGITAL REALITY: Space & Geospatial Data, Processing Technologies”, create a new digital reality and a bright future of Russia.

Valery Zaichko, Deputy Director of Navigation Space Systems (GLONASS) Department, SSC Roscosmos:
Roscosmos is in close cooperation with Racurs and Roscartography for a long time. 

Our decision to be a co-organizer of the conference was in line with the changes taking place and the increased importance of spatial and space data. For sure, the conference will be the #1 event not only for the geospatial industry but also for all businesses that used geospatial information.

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