October 28-31, 2019

Seoul, Republic of Korea


We cordially invite companies who are interested in becoming sponsors and advertisers of the conference. This conference event will provide an excellent opportunity to present your company to the professional and authoritative participants who will be attending, as well as to effectively place advertising and informational materials.

Platinum Sponsor


Roscosmos is the State Corporation that was established in August, 2015, to oversee and implement a comprehensive reform of the Russian space industry. State Space Corporation Roscosmos ensures the implementation of the Russian government’s space program and its legal regulation. 

Roscosmos is also placing orders for the development, manufacture, and supply of space equipment and space infrastructure objects. The State Corporation is also responsible for international space cooperation and tasked with setting the stage for the future use of results of space activities in Russia’s social and economic development
For more information please visit: en.roscosmos.ru

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