October 26-29, 2015

Yucatan, Mexico

Conference news

Meet our new speakers and participants 01.10.2015

Meet our new speakers and participants

Meet our new speakers:

Mathias Lemmens, Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology and Senior Editor of GIM-International (The Netherlands): Point Clouds from Lidar and Imagery — Status and Trends.

Vanya Petrova, Head of Photogrammetry Department of GIS-Sofia Ltd. (Bulgaria): GIS-Sofia Data Base.

Ilia Farutin, Sales Director of SCANEX Holding (Russia): Real-time Reception and Distribution of Remote Sensing Data on a National Scale.

Full Speakers list see here.

Meet our new participants:

Geodetect (Bulgaria). Private geosolutions company.
GEOCUBA (Cuba). The leading state organization in the field of Geomatics.
GIS-Sofia (Bulgaria). The company is one of the largest land surveying companies in Bulgaria.
GeoAir (Mexico). The Mexican company is under German leadership, actively working in the field of Aerial Surveys and LiDAR since 1994.
Instituto Geográfico Nacional Tommy Guardia (Panama). The Institute aims primarily to provide the basic information required for research, planning and implementation of the various projects of socio-economic development of the Republic of Panama.

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